Garment steamer: how to choose?

Garment steamer: how to choose?

Steamer – a device, which gives a tidy and neat clothes, copes with a variety of stains and odors. The correct steamer – a real helper in the home.

Garment steamer – devices that have appeared on the world market is relatively recently and compete with traditional irons. These devices are used for the stripping of clothes in the home and at work – in the studio, textile shops. They bring things in order not to spoil the delicate fabrics and excellent difficult to cope with the elements of the ironing.

Steamer not only iron clothes, but also to fight against pollution and the age-old spots. With the help of his conduct thermal disinfection of clothing, toys, and destroy dust mites and unpleasant odors. stripping procedure – environmentally friendly, eliminating the use of household chemicals.
Benefits Garment Steamer

Respect for the treated tissue. The design of the device has no heating element. The fabric is smoothed under the influence of steam, which is safe even for delicate fabrics.
Valet steamer takes place 5 times faster than iron.
Caring for outer clothing or other things that are difficult to iron ironed – dresses with ruffles, flounces, lace.
Since the fabric is not subjected to pressure, then it does not remain after stripping creases and shiny spots. Some jerseys become more soft and fluffy.
Possibility to iron curtains on weight.
Powerful steamers disinfect children’s toys, blankets, pillows and furniture, destroying harmful bacteria.
Steamers even eliminate chronic persistent stains and odors.

Classification Garment Steamer
Steamers are:

Singlemode and multimode. The former have a lower cost and less likely to break, the second – more expensive and have the ability to adjust. For use in the home will suit single mode inexpensive steamer, and for the company or shop – the more expensive multi-mode device.
Classical and based on the generator.
Designed for textiles and fur.
With a capacity of more than 1800 watts and less than 1800 watts. More powerful tools to cope with any kind of tissue.
Vertical, hand and floor.

Vertical steamer.

Pprednaznachen for smoothing textile steam jet. It does not contain a heating element and is completely safe to use. Suitable for steaming delicate fabrics, suits and outerwear. Vertical steamer pats on the product weight.
Hand-held steamers.

Hand steamer:

Suitable for business trips. It has a small water tank, which is enough for about 15 minutes of work. This time is enough to smooth out all the wrinkles on clothes. It is quite ergonomic, reasonably powerful and cheaper fixed Garment Steamer. Price range handheld Garment Steamer: 1500-3000 rubles. Use them usually while traveling. In some models, you can boil water for tea.
Floor steamers.

Rules for the choice of clothes steamer

The most popular to date. They have a large enough reservoir power limit, metallic iron is, at the handle control and the ability to add water at any time.

Expert Tip! When choosing a steamer should draw attention to two indicators – pressure steam (bar) and the power of the steam flow (g / min). These parameters indicate the power of the device.

Floor steamers are working non-stop for about two hours. Most models are equipped with multiple operating modes.
How to choose a garment steamer?

Any consumer or a professional device has specific parameters and specifications. Before you proceed to the choice of a particular model, you must answer the following questions:

For what purposes need steamer – for professional or domestic garment processing?
In what conditions it will be used?
What features it should have?
What is more important – the ergonomics and functionality?
How much power should be?
How much money you can spend to acquire it?

What specifically will the answers to these questions, the more successful will be the selection of the desired device.
Rules for the choice of clothes steamer

Selection steamer depends on the purpose of use. Ironed and cleaned things at home can be a low-power and small appliances. In order to avoid any operational problems with steamer, better to learn the rules of selection.

Design. Garment Steamer models are distinguished by shape, color and other elements dizayna.Vneshny view steamer for many crucial. In fact, the design – it is not the most important parameter in the selection of the device.
Brand. In the home appliance stores presented steamers of different brands. Better to choose the device that the manufacturer who conscientiously performs service.
Power. Powerful steamers (1800 Watt) are intended for professional use. They are easy to cope with all the things and are universal. Such devices become to work in a shop or clothing store. Less powerful devices good care for clothes, but are not suitable for cleaning winter coats and blankets. They are used usually in a home.
Price. Price steamer depends on the capacity of the machine: the more powerful it is, the more expensive. Currently, the price range of Garment Steamer varies from 1,500 to 20,000 rubles.
Functionality. For the ironing and cleaning of clothes for a small compact device. A powerful and feature-rich handset need for wider use. Almost all modern models are easy to use, deal with them under the power of any person. There steamers running from the power supply or battery.
Device. Any steamer is equipped with a water tank. Tank large capacity increases the weight and dimensions of the device, but allows you to do without the addition of water.
Accessories. Some models have special nozzles that regulate the direction and strength of the jet of steam.
Dimensions. Dimensions steamer is very important. At any point to quickly process the clothes, the unit should be kept permanently assembled. Handheld hair iron can be stored on a shelf in the closet, and a vertical steamer with shoulders – in the space provided.
Material steam apparatus. Steamer housing made of metal or plastic. Metal irons have high thermal conductivity and an excellent ability podglazhivayuschuyu.
Modes of operation. Steamers work in different modes: stroking delicate tissue in the low-power mode, and a thick cloth costumes and garments – at a maximum.
Water quality. Cheap steamers only work when you use distilled water, which leads to additional expenses for its acquisition. Expensive models are normally provided with high-quality filters, which are self-purified tap water.

Choose a garment steamer is not difficult to determine in advance the necessary properties of the model and the purposes for which it will be used. Easy steamer guarantees many years of comfortable working with him.

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